Why Choose The Aurora Balloon Company?

The following is a list of reasons to choose us for yourBalloon Adventure:
  1. We are a local company which has been safely flying the area for the past 11 years. We Launch from our own private FAA Certified Balloon-port (airport for Balloons) located just a mile past the end of the 400 expressway. Click here for directions.
  2. We chose the location of our launch site because it offers great local scenery in EVERY direction. This is important because balloons go with the wind. If youare in an area with a great attraction in only one direction there is a very good chance you will not go over that attraction.
  3. We have a padded bench seat in the basket so anyone who may not becomfortable standing a full hour can sit in comfort or just take a short break during the flight.
  4. We have an outdoor bar all lit and set up with Champagne, soda and light snacks for our post flight celebration. Since it is our property we can offer the unique extras that make your flight more special.
  5. Safe balloon flights are very weather dependent. The final weather checks are only a few hours before flight time. If you are traveling more than an hour to the launch site you may be asked to drive out only to find the flight has been postponed once you arrive. We are very local to the Greater Buffalo and Southern Tier area so the chance of a disappointing trip is minimal.
  6. We fly seven days a week pretty close to all year round. This gives you great flexibility in scheduling your flight.
Balloon Federation of AmericaPerhaps the most important is that Our Pilot is an FAA Certified Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. We are fully insured and all of our equipment gets an extensive yearly inspection at the Best FAA Certified Repair Station.

Our Pilot and crew attend Yearly Safety Seminars as well as supplying Balloon Safety Training to local Fire, Police and First Responders.


Balloon Federation of America Member
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