Safety, Insurance and Waivers...

Balloon Federation of America At the Aurora Balloon Company, safety comes first.
All of our Pilots are F.A.A. Certified Commercial Pilots
and Flight Instructors.

We attend Balloon Federation of America
sanctioned safety seminars every year.

We also teach a First Responders Safety Course for Fire,
Police and E.M.T.’s in the Western New York area.

Federal Aviation AdministrationWe are fully insured and all of our equipment is inspected by an F.A.A. Certified Repair Station every year. This inspection goes over every part of the balloon ,basket, burners and fuel tanks. This is an all day, very detailed procedure.

Although all of our passengers and crew are covered for any injuries
which may result from a balloon flight, we do require that all passengers
sign a waiver which informs all them of the risks involved in a balloon
flight and has you give up the right to sue for damages above and
beyond the cost of any potential injuries.

In keeping with our “Safety First” thinking, there are some medical conditions that are reasons not to take a balloon flight. Pregnant women, anyone who requires extra breathing equipment or heart monitoring should not fly in a balloon. Although most of our landings are very soft and gentle, there are times when the basket and passengers will have a rougher landing. Seniors and Folks with bad knees or backs need to make the pilot aware of this and may need to wait for a very calm day for their flight.

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