Helpful Information Regarding Your Flight
  • Remember that our flight may take us into fields with long or tall grass. This is often wet with dew, especially in the mornings. Hiking shoes or water resistant athletic shoes are recommended. Open toe or heels are not a good idea.
  • Dress for the conditions of the day. It will only be two or three degrees warmer or cooler at the altitudes we go to. It does warm up fast in the mornings and can cool off quickly in the evenings. Having layers or a light jacket or sweater to put on or take off will allow you to be comfortable through out the flight and after.
  • We will be away from facilities for several hours.
    Lots of beverages prior to flight time is not a good idea!

  • Bring your camera with a spare set of batteries!

  • The balloons burners generate a lot of heat. Most of it goes up into the balloon. However, taller folks are recommended to wear a light hat or ball cap to protect the top of your head from the heat.

  • Although we have room for extra jackets or cameras, you should limit extra items such as purses.

  • We will have water bottles available for passengers after the flight. You can request one to take with you during the flight if you feel the need.

  • Federal Law prohibits intoxicated persons to fly.

  • Directions to our launch site can be found on our contact us page.

  • Please feel free to call or E-mail us with any questions or concerns regarding your flight or balloons in general.

  • We can be reached at: (716) 685-7908 or via email at


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