Pricing & Booking

It's never too late to make a purchase with us! When purchasing last minute we will email you a temporary gift voucher, until your actual ride voucher is mailed!!

We take Cash, Checks, Mastercard or Visa
using Pay Pal.

Champagne Balloon Flights:

Our Champagne Balloon Flights are $220 per person.
If your group is less than six, you may have additional
passengers on your flight.

Gift Certificates:

You can purchase Gift Certificates and the recipient can book their flight at their convenience by calling our office at (716) 685-7908 to put their name on our flight calendar. Gift Certificates are priced $220 per person.

Flight Deposits:

If you wish to set up a flight date and you do not have Gift Certificates,
we will need a $100 Deposit to hold your date.

Check the current weatherIf the weather is good for ballooning on your date, the balance is due and we will fly the flight. If the weather is not right for balloons that day, we will reschedule you on the next day you are available and our calendar is open. We will reschedule you as many times as it takes to get you up in the air.

Charity Events / Fundraisers:
We do several fundraising events each year. Please Contact Us to see if our balloon can help your cause.

Booking Policy:

Gift Certificates are valid for two years. If your Certificate should expire, a $25 charge per certificate will reactivate them for another year. Refunds are available for the first thirty days after sale minus a $25 handling fee. In the event of unsafe flying conditions, we will reschedule you as many times as necessary to get you in the air. Should you fail to show up for a scheduled flight or cancel with less than a 48 hour notice, the full fare is due.

Safety is our #1 concern. The decision to fly or postpone a flight at the sole discretion of the Pilot in Command. FAA Regulations prohibit intoxicated persons to fly.

Booking a balloon ride on line? "BE CAREFUL"
Click here for important information about these so called "National" Balloon Ride Operations

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