Balloons in Advertising

What can a 77 x 57 foot mobile billboard do for you and your company??

That was the question RE/MAX Reality asked itself when it started its balloon program back in 1978.

Click here to read the RE/MAX Balloon Success Story.

We offer the opportunity to get into this very exciting
advertising and community relations program in a variety of ways. From a full new balloon program or a limited banner display, we can supply the knowledge and expertise to get the most out your program.

All advertising tries to find new and unique ways to get and hold the publics attention. Go to any Balloon rally or event and you will see every person there focused fully on the Balloons. Put your name on one of those balloons and your company receives not only the full attention of the buying public but also the warm emotions that go along with it! Every person who sees them can tell you the names of any Corporate Balloon they see without hesitation.

When it comes to Community relations and fundraising, nothing beats a Corporate Balloon. Whether it is just flying around for hundreds or thousands to see or is on loan to a worthy cause for a fundraising event, everyone who sees it will have a positive memory attached to your name.

We currently fly the Cricket Wireless Balloon and The McKinley Mall Balloon. We have Had successful events in Cities all across the country. The Cricket Balloon has been seen in Fresno CA, several major cities in Texas as well as locations throughout the heartland. Both of these balloons have been involved in fundraising events like Carly’s Crossing, The Relay for Life and Roswell Cancer Walks.

Click below to see an example of a American Cancer Society Balloon Glow Event in Columbus County:

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for more advertising Information.

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